Friday, November 30, 2012

Looking good.

It’s been cold today, although it started bright a mist rose from the fields so we saw very little sunshine.

Last night was clear with just a few clouds dotted about, leading to a hard frost. I tried, with limited success, to get a decent photo of the full moon.

I did say limited success…

Not much to report today, apart from the river on the way down now.

The Trent has almost returned to it’s proper channel.SAM_4407 Trent where it should be
And the level marker at the lock is now visible and in the amber zone.SAM_4408 Alrewas Lock
SAM_4410 Alrewas Lock

Although the chains have been removed from the lower gates, the advice is “Proceed With Caution”.
SAM_4411 Alrewas Lock

We’re planning on heading down on Sunday, aiming to moor outside Barton Marina overnight then taking up a berth inside on Monday till Barton and Tattenhill Locks reopen. Only then can we complete our trip to our winter berth at Mercia.

I’m going to have to find things to do. It’ll be the first time we’ve been stationary for anything like that long, but it will give Mags a chance to fully recuperate.

We’ve been playing dominoes this afternoon, games like this improve dexterity in her left hand (so long as she doesn’t cheat and use her right!). Scrabble tomorrow…

On the trip down from Stone a week ago, Simon took some pictures and he’s emailed them across. Here’s a selection….

Who’s the stranger, Dad?

Sunrise in Stone

Weston Lock

Thanks Simon, it was good to have you along.

Locks 0, miles 0.

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